by Matthew Boyle

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    The Coquina songbook features a vellum cover, twenty-four 5"x5" pages of illustrations by Matthew Boyle along with all song lyrics, and comes with a separate 11"x17" Coquina poster print. Disc, Book, & Poster signed & dated with edition hand marked by Matthew Boyle.

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Written, recorded, produced by Matthew Boyle in Brooklyn between 2012-2014, Coquina is an aggressive synth & guitar journey written with a 4-5pc live set in mind. This is the first release by independent artist Matthew Boyle in over 5 years.


released March 1, 2014

All songs written, performed, recorded, mixed, produced by Matthew Boyle
Centerfold & poster image in Coquina songbook features a photograph by Heather Courtney (



all rights reserved


Matthew Boyle Brooklyn, New York

Matthew Boyle lives in Brooklyn, and joined Ghastly City Sleep in 2007, with whom he toured the United States 10 times before beginning work on his own psychedelic chamber synth progressive folk rock outfit, in 2012. They are practicing now...

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Track Name: The Atheist
Life at the bottom of a well in the middle of the ocean
I'll make anything you need, digging heels in the sand, walking miles in the heat. I've got one knotted rope and a long way to climb.
Seems everything I create I just want to destroy, seems every sound we make just turns into noise. It's like losing a piece of your sweet sanity to the letters you never could send.
Light disappearing past the curve will never turn around and thank you, it will never ever look back. Growing through an open cage, every cell that I let fly lives another one's life.
In another one's life all the locks have changed - all the keys to these doors, all the code that I author, all the characters I write...
So run the engine to the ground. Shut your eyes in the dark.
Try to give it a new name.
It's like songs in an empty home.
Track Name: To Believe
As much as I'd love to, I can't tell a lie. There's no where to hide, the ship's sinking, and all the rats drown. I wanted to warn you but I couldn't make a sound. We had plenty of ways out, it seems, years ago, but we are stuck now.
Count sheep, but you will not sleep. It's not enough for what you want now.
I still believe it's just a matter of getting one good night of sleep.
I can forgive, but I cannot forget. It's like a cut you make slowly, but day by day I still detect. You can run, you can hide, but you can't wipe the mind.
It's all bottled inside, and the year is fast but slow is the night.
Count Sheep, but you will not sleep. It's not enough for what you want now.
I still believe it's just a matter of getting one good night of sleep. I still believe its just a matter of you are you're own worst enemy.
To believe, to believe... oh, to still believe.
I can forgive, but I cannot forget.
Track Name: The Thrush
On a ragged sailboat over thick black water in the ideas of October we sail by the light of a full moon.
I've got a drawing of you. You, losing all of your secrets... nothing I had witnessed prior - a precognitive apparition.
You left life behind you, but you come back in now through some twisted little door way, through a hole in the hull of a tugboat.
I feel your tongue against my teeth, now I've got silver eyelids, can't believe what I did. You and I & our peculiar fortune!
Lookin back to burning bridges, burning bright... I hope their fire keeps you warm at night.
Have you almost had enough? I"ve got one more statement left:
You made that bed, now lie in it. You made that bed, now lie in it all by yourself. You can have it all to yourself.
Looking back to empty cages, and that dead-eyed Sterling light... I had to run just to feel alright.
I was running to the sound, you were nowhere to be found.
I laid this path, I'll run on it.
I dug this well, I can find my own way out.
Track Name: Goosebumps
A shadow on the runway, another bridge, perhaps... into the southern sun now, out of the wishing well.
I could sleep but the street has wired me. I could breathe easier if I still needed air, but if you breathe, then you'll want for breath again... and breath and a wish is a long shot here.
Far, in some galaxy events are not the same.
Can you concentrate and will the miles away?
From the window seat comes the clarity -